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Today the world is equipped with modern technologies and have opened doors to students for opportunities across the world. However, these overload information and the explosion of opportunities may often leads to more confusion rather than clarity. Since everyone is presenting rosy pictures of their own institutions, often students failed to realize the fact. As a result, they will land up in countries or Institutions that do not deliver what they wanted and return home disappointed.

At times, students and parents come with pre-conceived notions about 'popular' courses and 'conventional' areas of study. In Prosper Overseas, our staff gauge with the potential and financial constraints, future aspirations, and interest of the student, and suggest appropriate Courses, Countries, and universities to ensure that ambitions, goals and aspirations are properly met.

Studying abroad is not merely about filling in application forms and sending them to universities you have heard of. It is a complex process which involves an array of questions, issues, and formalities that need to be looked into, completed, and followed through.

This is exactly what compels thousands of parents and students to come to Prosper Overseas. We deliver Professional, ethical and non-commercial services and advices. This is why word of mouth accounts for over 95% of student and parent traffic and got a Global reputation that is unmatched in the industry!

Thus once students come to Prosper Overseas they need not go anywhere else. All their needs are catered for professionally, efficiently and ethically.

Prosper Overseas processes applications for ALL universities as a One Stop Service.

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