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Naved Saigal is the founder and the Chairman Managing Director of Prosper Overseas. He has done MBA from Osmania University. The man behind the company's achievements is none but its Managing Director Mr. Naved Saigal. A great & firm believer & follower of his own ethics, values, crafts and principles. He moves selectively & meticulously on pre- fixed, preset, well-planned & defined path ensuring hundred percent achievements.

Foresightedness & vision in part of his character & habit and then embarking at once upon it, is his strength to succeed. He is the master of an agile personality.

As the Chairman and Managing Director of Prosper Overseas is actively involved in the key decision-making processes of the company. Mr. Naved Saigal has achieved many landmarks in a short span. His customized work, exuberant motivational skills has developed Prosper Overseas reaching great heights in overseas education. He has ensured the team of Prosper Overseas is being effectively trained, traveled abroad, and certified by the various High Commissions etc. His leadership role within the company is already being acknowledged by setting up offices of Prosper Overseas in the entire India. He is well conversed with the tailor made career solution for prospective student aiming to seek higher education abroad. Mr. Naved Saigal has widely traveled to many countries and always be connected with their Universities/colleges officials time to time.

Mr. Naved Saigal has a great team to work with. He has a very close network of associates, friends and well-wishers who provide him the total support and work cohesively with his beliefs, vision and mission – Ensuring quality students pursuing their education abroad.

Mr. Naved Saigal, being the Chairman & Managing Director of Prosper Overseas is an empowered individual driven by commitment, principles and belief systems. He hails from Hyderabad and has a MBA degree to his name plate acquired from the famous Osmania University.

He is a man of principle, with envious work ethics and a great person to be admired at heart. A well defined clarity towards any project he takes up on to his shoulders enables him to portray a great poise, dynamism and eventually delivers success! It’s the meaning he follows rather than method, & this meaningful approach towards anything has been the foundation for the organization’s success so far.

He’s a firm believer of nobility, conviction and forecast. He’s smart enough to speculate and predict the future outcomes and plans everything well before in time, so as to remain unperturbed during any calamity. It is this foresightedness of his which helped the organization to keep pacing forward during the tough times. Prosper Overseas nests safely in the firm and secured arms of this man, Mr. Naved Saigal.

Being the Chairman & Managing Director of Prosper Overseas, he finds himself infectiously energetic, vibrant and alive in the strategic processes and decisions of the organization. He does thorough research, understanding and implementation to ensure smooth growth of the organization. He travels across the globe to nurture and maintain contacts with deemed institutions and their representatives to keep the organization consistently intact with the business prospects.

He thinks and believes that work force is the greatest asset to any organization and he has put this in precise application to his organization, meticulously now for over a span of decade. He’s the man behind the successful, industrious professionals who constitute the work force of Prosper Overseas.

He has been successful in delivering unfailing promises to various nations’ high commissions and embassies and this fetched Prosper Overseas with priceless authorizations and tie ups with numerous countries’ high commissions.

He’s charmingly dynamic by nature and believes in growth like nobody does. This virtue of his has been solely responsible for the expansion of the organization by spreading straight and wide across India with various branch offices. He apart from that maintains an invariant smile across his lips which is assuring for his clientele.

Mr. Naved Saigal can be hailed as a visionary educationalist and academician, at virtue. He believes in self motivation and does that to himself by working round the clock, with same energy and he constantly breaks loose his boundaries and enhances them to newer heights.

He attributes his success to his well knit web of family, friends, associates, colleagues and good wishers and their continual, unconditional support they have rendered. He drives himself forward with an enchanting mission of promoting world class global education to all sections of students; thus helping them prosper overseas via Prosper Overseas.

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