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Being the Chairman & Managing Director of Prosper Overseas, first of all, I take immense pleasure in extending my warm wishes and good luck for choosing us from the millions and I wish you a smooth, promising overseas educational process in the coming times.

I have founded this company almost a decade ago with a noble intention of promoting quality overseas education coupled with the unrelenting urge to establish an unperturbed business empire as the best overseas educational consultant in India.

No compromise over quality, transparency and round – the – clock striving to meet the students’ needs have been the cornerstones of the organization. I made sure that the man power at Prosper Overseas surely inculcates these fundamental values, vein by vein, drop by drop so that a smooth and hassle free education process to all the students can be ensured, always!

I take pride in backing the organization’s esteemed work force; as I have inputted amiable amounts of energy, capital and resources in training them to become what they are today: the pioneers of overseas education industry!

As the sole torch bearer of the organization, I declare that my primal duty is to attend the students’ needs at all times; and at the same time acting as the connoisseur of the overseas education sector. I am responsible for the prestigious collaborations with deemed institutions across the globe; to enrich the student recruitment to various institutions in an unprecedented manner.

Being a Man of principles all my life, I feel a tinge of satisfaction in pushing myself beyond the boundaries and building an organization for over 10 years with same beliefs of mine as transparency, dedication and commitment towards a mission.

As the last words, I ensure all of you a great experience which is equally satisfying and rewarding on both sides of the coin by associating yourself with Prosper Overseas. I can confidently forecast your success overseas!

Naved Saigal

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