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Prosper Governance Policy

Prosper Overseas is dedicated to its principles of good governance in ensuring admissions and other professional services to the student world. Our principles add value to student education by highlighting academic freedom, social responsibility, public accountability, transparency, professionalism, and ethics.

Academic Independence:

Prosper will strive for students’ academic independence to ensure that its education pursuits are not subject to undue intervention.

3P’s (Perfection, Performance, and Professionalism):

The company will strive for its achievement of perfection. We perform our best to meet the quality of standards the company possesses. The company has a separate training division under the control of a Senior Manager. This will provide exclusive training for its staff, associates, and franchisees to improve their performance in their duties and services in accordance with the company’s policies, procedures and rules. We deal things in a very professional manner and there is no chance of mischief.

Highest possible standards of professionalism and ethics and seek to provide high quality services at a reasonable and affordable cost.


After all Every culture has it's own version of the saying, but they all convey the same standard of conduct.

Prosper Overseas is based on the ethics and high moralities like honesty, responsibility, and empathy. Because we believe our ethics count.

We are so patient in handling the students.

In Prosper, we believe that good things happen when we consistently do the right things.

As a trusted service provider, we earned preferance from many students and this has brought a competitive edge for us. We have a very high credibility and we feel this as our enormous asset. And finally, good ethics generate a good loyalty, good will, and good reputation.

our ethics are based on moral convictions. It’s the difference between acting ethically and beingethical.

We never try to motivate our employees to do the right thing by stressing benefits. Rather we do it by our values and virtues.


Transparency will be seen in each and every process of Prosper. Students can walk-in at any point of time and can raise their doubts. Based on the status of their application, they can also visit concerned department and clarify their queries.


All our services are accountable for the students. At the same time, it is subject to legal restrictions and overall interests of Prosper.

Intellectual Property:

Be it the confidential information, registered designs and trademarks, patents, layout rights or any other form of property, Prosper stands for the rights of Intellectual property of all the universities, colleges and other institutions that we represent. We make it a point that prior approval would be obtained before any of the properties are used in any form. When there is a claim on such property, Prosper will review and honor the claim by taking necessary measures to bestow and establish suitable rights to the property owners.


Prosper considers students’ and their parents’ best interests and make sure that students would be placed only in colleges or universities that are most compatible and appropriate with their profiles and financial requirements. Prosper will ensure that there won’t be any conflict of interest between students and institutions.

Social responsibility:

Prosper Overseas is always active in taking initiatives for social causes and it continued its involvement in social responsibility aimed at improving the quality of our surroundings and our environment.

Wide spectrums of initiatives were implemented over the past few years for common good.

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