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Letter of Recommendation

I am lettering this with pleasure to give my highest recommendation possible for XXXX who was our student in Bachelor of Commerce from 2012 batch, where I’m the principal. I have known him for three years. During this period, XXXX has shown exceptional qualities both in academic results and in the social life as well.

The first time I noticed XXXX, was when he represented our school, in a cultural fest; with his talent he made all of us proud of him. After that, his name has started become buzz among all the teachers and students, irrespective of his class and course.

All his teachers witnessed his leadership potential, seriousness, and sense of responsibility. They have confirmed that XXXX has all the qualities that a leader should possess and has shown skills in all aspects for three consecutive years. He is the most brilliant and kind hearted amongst all students that I have encountered till date. XXXX is known of his lofty ambitions and intellectual acumen. He feels responsible to his work and can handle the pressure of deadlines very well.

XXXX always used to explore and learn new things and is open to interact with people. He is a good listener and has good oral and writing skills. He has the ability to understand peers and assist accordingly. His strengths are his debating skills and his positive attitude.

XXXX used to civically engage in activities. He likes and cares about helping others and sharing his experience with them. With an outstanding intellectual ability and strong leadership qualities, Mr. XXXX has led his classes in numerous subjects as well as in other extracurricular events successfully.

Mr. XXXX is very keen on advertising; In addition to that, Yogesh could find time to practice sport, he’s a good Basketball player and a dancer.

In summary, I strongly believe that his intellectual ability, perseverance, and enthusiasm for working are qualities that should help him well in his future. He is undoubtedly a good student and has the potential for great success at the college level.

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