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VISA Processing Guide

Visa Interview plays a vital role in getting visa. Many gets refused despite having all the required documentation and meeting all the criteria. Below are few tips and guidelines to succeed in Visa interview.

We intend you to make understand the questionnaire one can face in F1 Visa Interview, so that they can prepare well beforehand in a better way. Try to prepare your own answers for each and every question that suits best to your circumstances, such as your course of study, financial status, opportunities available for your area of specialization etc.

Get rid of nervous with the word "interview". Visa interview is not a job interview, though this is an important process.So make it easy with confidence.

The first and most essential step toward a successful interview is prepare with self-confidence. Applicants, who are well prepared and confident in their responses to the visa officer, are almost always successful in getting a US visa.

Document Preparation

  1. Fill in all the forms and applications neatly,correctly, and completely.
  2. In parent’s case, let them know what needs to be filled before filling. Many a times, they or the guardians are unaware of the information needs to be filled.
  3. Make sure that all the copies of your documents are of good quality and readable.
  4. Verify the names, date of birth, etc. should match with the information in your passport.
  5. Organize your documents in proper logical order. So that it could be easy for you to find the right documents quickly during interview

General Preparation

  • Prepare for the most commonly asked interview questions.
  • Be punctual.
  • Ask for a translator or an interpreter if you are not conversant with English.

Always Remember

  • Every student’s visa questions are case specific and unique to him/her conditions.
  • Be positive and stay positive.
  • Answer the questions confidently.
  • Maintain continuous eye contact with VO throughout the interview.
  • Answer to the point.Don’t explain anything in detail, until asked for.

Make sure your answers are focusing on your achievements, skills, projecting you as a sincere student, presenting proof of having sufficient funds readily available and most important, your intentions of coming back to India after completion of your graduate or Research program.

Rehearse your own answers either by recording them or by attending a mock interview with your friends, family people, and have their opinions and reviews and if you still feel you are lacking at some points, try to improve them till you become perfect. Practice makes perfect is the only mantra to become succeed in visa interview.

Practice to speak at slow pace with utmost clarity possible. Try to sound natural (as you speak in general). Listen to the questions carefully and let the interviewer complete the question. Your answers should reflect a good clarity of thought, and have a good logical flow between various points you want to present. Don’t try any pretentious accent while answering. Be natural and answer in your usual style and accent.

Go with your financial documents thoroughly and ask yourself all possible questions. Develop the level of expertise, where you can defend and support the various facts of your documents be it academics,test scores and financial documents in all ways possible for you.

Organize all the documents in an order and carry it in a folder with multiple pouches,so that it is easy to put different set of documents into different pouchesand also to show them to VO in no time. This also matters a lot in visa decision.

Points to Remember before going for the Interview

  1. Don’t be nervous. Relax and don’t express the feeling that you are desperate to study abroad.
  2. Don’t forget to Sign I-20 before going to consulate.
  3. Avoid words such as pardon, come again, and I didn’t get you etc. Try to understand the question in the first go itself.
  4. Do not let your answers contradict values from your financial statements.
  5. Be naturally, yet professionally.
  6. Be enthusiastic and optimistic throughout the interview. At the same time don’t be overaggressive.
  7. Admit honestly, if you don’t know the answer.
  8. Bring up the key words yourself, like “after coming back to India” or when I come back to India after completion of MS”, while giving the answers, casually.
  9. Do not over answer or under answer.

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