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While it is easy for most domestic students to obtain some form of Scholarships or university aid for their Bachelor's and Master’s level education, it is most often very difficult for international students to obtain aid in any form at Bachelor's level. So, it is very important that students who are financially sound or have brilliant academic background to consider further education at the bachelor's level.

However, Masterscan be obtained with the help of several aids for international students. Almost 78% of students at the Master's level in US universities get funding in some form or the other.

However, in Australia, Ireland, and in UK Financial aid and scholarships are limited, for Master's. In Canada, Some universities offer merit based grants after reviewing the students’ performance during the first semester.

UK institutes are International student friendly. Thousands of its scholarships and grants are only for international students.Every year, thousands of students are benefiting with these.

Many Applicants at Doctoral level get a complete tuition waiver along with a stipend or scholarship while pursuing their PhD programs in universities abroad. Some universities provide just the admission and no funding at all.

Applicants looking for aid are required to apply well before financial aid deadlines, with proper application material, College Application Essays, Recommendations, transcripts and other specified requirements, as prescribed by universities individually.

All kinds of financial aids including Scholarships and Grants are generally based on the student's academic performance. Hence, only academically outstanding studentswill be considered for this type of an award.These grants can be private or public and are usually in the form of money for any purpose.

A Scholarship can be of two kinds:

Full - The Scholarship would pay for the student's entire tuition fee; living expenses his books, etc.

Partial - Scholarship would pay only for tuition fee. The student will have to provide for partial funding through other sources

Tuition Fee Waivers

A tuition fee waiver is a form of aid where the student need not pay the tuition fee. Again, this tuition fee waiver is of two types: one is full waiver and second is partial waiver.

Even the tuition fee is completely waived, the student has to still pay for other facilities like, Lab services and Library etc.


Assistantship is a financial aid given by the college/university usually in the form of a stipend, sufficient for the student's living expenses.In return the student will have to work.

There are two types of Assistantships:

Research Assistantship - it is usually granted by the respective departments in the university. The student will be assigned to a professor who will give him/her tasks related to a research project he/she is working on.

Teaching Assistantship - a student is asked to assist a professor in teaching. For this type of assistantship, the student should have good command over spoken English. Hence, his/her score in the Spoken section of the TOEFL is a very important criterion

This type of aid is provided to Master's and Doctoral level students who are expected to teach undergraduate students or assist their professors in research.

Administrative Internships

Which are similar to Assistantships, where students are expected to work part-time under the university's Administrative officers?

Program-related Internships

These can enable a student either to earn money or gain academic credits for the work done.

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