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Social Initiatives

Prosper Overseas is always active in taking initiatives for social causes and it continued its involvement in social responsibility aimed at improving the quality of our surroundings and our environment.

Wide spectrums of initiatives were implemented over the past few years for common good.

We inculcated the quality of socially responsible from the beginning of our journey. We adopted it to improve the well-being of the global communities. Unlike many other organizations, we won’t simply donate cash and wash our hands. But we directly involve in the social service.

However, our initiatives are without any controversy. We make sure that every year we are benefiting and adding value to the society by doing some or other service to it.

In this regard, we volunteered many activities like fund raising for flood victims and helping the needy in natural calamities and all. For every anniversary, as a part of our social welfare programs, we plant numerous plants across the city. This helps to reduce the pollution. We also have conducted rallies to promote concepts like “Go Green” and “Save Earth”.

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