Visa Percepts

Student Visa

If someone wants to apply for a passport to study in Italy, it will take two months to process.You can download the application form through online.

For some consulates,one needs to obtain a visa in person. Each consulate may have its own terms and conditions. The consulate may also ask you to provide copies of all supporting documents in addition to originals.

Following are the documents that need:

  • Proof of financial means
  • Original letter from the home university.
  • Letter from Overseas Institution (2 original copies).
  • One color passport photo (Photos printed off the computer are NOT acceptable).
  • Actual Passport of the person.
  • Official letter from bank.
  • Official letter from your financial aid office.
  • Official Letter from Private Loan agency if any loans are taken.
  • Official letter from a parent/guardian’s bank.
  • Official letter from a credit card company stating an available balance.

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