Visa Percepts

Permanent Residence Permit

If someone has legally stayed in an EU for five years continuously as an employee, or as a pensioner or as a self-employed person - they will automatically get the right of permanent residence in that country.

Following are the requirements to obtain a green card:

  • Proof of legal residence for ten years;
  • Enough income;
  • Criminal Clearance certificate;

To obtain a permanent residence permit, on submitting the application, the foreigner must pay the fee of € 30, 00.

The payment must be made at any qualified Post office.

Below is the list of different types of residence permit:

  • Fostering
  • Adoption
  • Stay permits updating
  • Residence Cards Updating
  • Awaiting repossession of citizenship
  • Seeking employment
  • Cards reserved for E.U. Citizens
  • Renewal of Asylum
  • Cards reserved for non E.U. Citizens
  • Duplicate of Residence Cards
  • Conversion of stay permit
  • Duplicate of stay permit
  • Family reunion for children aged under 14-18
  • Family Reunion
  • Self-Employment
  • Employment
  • Tourism
  • Vocational training
  • Study
  • Renewal of stateless status
  • Scientific research
  • Elective residence
  • Religious reasons
  • Employment- Seasonal Employment
  • Work particular cases

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