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100 percent student satisfaction

At Prosper Overseas, we believe in complete student satisfaction. Our consultants deliver personalized quality services to the students in a professional way such that our student satisfaction is always maintained cent per cent.

As a successful firm, we continuously strive to improve the quality of the student experience.

All the processes in Prosper Overseas are transparent. It allows students to look inside and outside of the curriculum of each and every course of the Universities, so that the students can analyze a wide spectrum of issues related to their higher studies. They can see a clear picture of what they need to do and their career options.

We pride ourselves to offer a valuable service to the students. We respect the priorities of the parents of enrolled students. We meet parent expectations by addressing their top issues and priorities. We keep on finding out the ways for a better output.

We make our students feel the best money and time spent, by providing them the information and guidance required. Our way of counseling is almost seamless.

We are devoted towards providing good services to the students.

Prosper Overseas has been recognized by a good number of students who have successfully completed their studies and are placed in different organizations all over the world.

We take care of all application process. We ensure that you are applying to the educational institution that best fits your profile. Our modified services include Student Visa Counseling also.

We ensure that you arrive safely at your chosen destination.

We have experts who have esteem experience in foreign education. We put our sincere efforts on each and every student application case to help student realize the dream of studying in the best universities of the world.

Our staff is available to consult through mail or phone for information regarding colleges and courses. Our one-to-one sessions with students help to have a broader and better understanding.

Students can align with our experts to select the desired course and program in world. Students should apply for minimum five programs so that they can have bunch of opportunities before finalizing. We advise students to apply months prior to admission decline.

It is advisable that students apply for scholarships provided by the government of desired region. Plus consider the scope of work while studying in the country applied.


The students then can work upon the final arrangements like applying for Visa, Passport verification, relevant documentation & others.

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